November 10, 2022

Benefits of QR codes in the Fabric Industry

By placing the Quick Response codes on the fabric, the companies can provide the customers with much more than clothing. People can better engage with the brand and enhance the customer experience through these codes. The companies can add ample information to the code so that customers get all the details about the product. Brands can even access different offers, discounts, suggestions for new products, and much more information. People can get all these details just through a single scan. Fashion businesses have fantastic development prospects because of fabrics and QR codes. The codes bridge the gap between the real world and the digital one affordably. The brands can use QR generators to design the code and later place the code on the fabric or in its packing.


Use of QR code for product information

Place colorful codes on the different outfits

By adding the QR codes on the apparel or outfits, you can allow the customers to scan & access all the details about their outfit or fabric. The design, the embroidery, size, colors, and customer reviews about that particular fabric.

QR codes on shopping bags and package boxes

The companies can be creative and add QR codes to the fabric packages. It is a better option than flyers because they can be misplaced or disposed of in the bins. But by using the shopping boxes or bags, they can still be recycled and can use for other purposes. In fact, many people keep the boxes as luxury items. You can add all the product information to the code and that Quick Response code on the shopping boxes by scanning which people can receive all the information. You can even use the code to increase the app's downloads if you have an online shopping app. You can direct the people to your app's download page, and thus it becomes easy for people to download the app, which may result in the rise of downloads.

QR code on the item tags

One another beautiful way to use the QR code to provide product information to the consumers is to place the QR code on the item tags. Generally, the item tags are very small in size; thus, putting all the product information on the price tags is impossible. But a price tag can surely accommodate the QR code, and therefore the companies can easily add the QR code on these tags. People can scan the code and receive all the information. The companies can add the product information like the way of usage, things to take care of, material type, and much more. In this way, QR codes can eliminate the limitation of the size of item tags and provide all the necessary information to the people regardless of their size.

Sales records through QR codes

Tracking and recording sales are important to know how well a product is doing. If you are not tracking the QR code scans, then you are not putting much effort into the marketing campaign. And during this time, your competitor will track all the sales and try to benefit from this opportunity. By utilizing a Dynamic code generator to create a QR code, you may discover important data that is required to evaluate your marketing objectives and target market. Some of the crucial metrics are the device used by the people to scan the code and a chart that will help you to see a detailed view of the code scans. By scanning the code, you can see the number of scans done and how much you have bought the product. This way, you can record all the sales done by scanning the QR code. Recording the fabric sales through QR codes happens in real-time, and thus, it is very quick. On the other hand, if you use the traditional ways to record the sales, it may take a lot of your time, and the process may also be big; thus, QR codes are the best option for recording sales.


In conclusion, we would say that the use of QR codes has been on the rise for the past few years in all industries, and the fabric industry has been one of the major industries. The companies can use the code to provide all the necessary information to the customers, and it also helps them to record their sales efficiently and quickly.