August 11, 2022

Dynamic QR Code For The Hotel Industry

In 1994, Masahiro Hara invented and launched the QR code that earned him incredible fame. He created a two-dimensional barcode that could be virtually scanned by almost every mobile phone today. Therefore, almost every person owning a smartphone has the ability to extract information or execute a function by scanning a barcode. The unprecedented reach and convenience the QR code provides businesses is truly remarkable, especially for the hotel and hospitality industry. The prime factors contributing to the incredible acceptance of QR codes are the enhanced ease of operation, improved ROI, and customer retention by delivering spectacular client service. Dynamic QR codes helped the hotel industry to shift to contactless and digital alternatives. This blog will focus on the benefits of dynamic QR codes for the hotel industry. But before we discuss the benefits, let's understand what exactly QR codes are and their types.


QR Code: Types

  • QR codes can be of two types: static QR Codes and dynamic QR codes.
  • With Static QR Codes, you can encode only fixed information. Upon scanning, the information delivered by a static QR code is directly encoded in the QR code itself.
  • Dynamic QR code entails a short redirection encoded URL. Unlike Static QR codes, the information isn't contained in the QR code. In dynamic QR codes, the information is on a website.
  • The function of a dynamic QR code is to redirect the user to a relevant website. That's not the best part! The most amazing feature of a dynamic QR code is that the URL can be updated.
  • Therefore, you can change the message content without creating a new QR code. .

Benefits Of Dynamic QR Code In The Hotel Industry

Welcome Guests With Easy Check-In

Dynamic QR codes eliminate dependency on hotel staff for the check-in process. QR Codes facilitate express self-check-in. This quick process eliminates all long queues, ultimately leading to a seamless, hassle-free experience for your guests.

Here's how you can utilize a dynamic QR code for guest welcoming and check-in:

  • Place the dynamic QR codes at the hotel entrance or reception lobby for easy access.
  • The guests can easily scan these QR codes to access the hotel's check-in web page.
  • They can quickly complete the check-in process by entering the requested details.
  • Here, they can enter the required details for a quick check-in
  • The easier and faster the process, the better the guest experience.
Enhance Security Through QR Code Room Access Card

Protecting the safety of the customers is a top priority for any hotel. To add an additional layer of security, many hotels are adopting QR code room access along with regular key cards. The room access is blocked by a QR Code lock which opens upon scanning the unique QR Code generated on their smartphone.

Easy Information Sharing For Hotel Services And Amenities

Scanning the dynamic QR Code gives your guest access to the hotel's restaurant, bar, spa, transport, and other service menus. You can also improve the various communities available for guests to enjoy within the hotel premises. This saves your guests the trouble of calling the customer helpline or reception for information.

Improve Marketing Outcomes And Guest Engagement Through Print Ads

Embedding dynamic QR Codes in print ads such as banners, flyers, or even newspapers effectively engages the audience. Apart from sharing your marketing message with potential guests, you can track and analyze pertinent scanning data in real-time to collect information about the demographics of your guests Get to know their culture, preferences, and staying requirements to personalize your welcome greetings and services to them.

Improve Guest Offerings In The Future By Collecting Feedback

Filling up physical feedback forms can be tiresome and time-consuming for your guests. Some guests might not be inclined to open emails for checking feedback forms. A dynamic QR code is an instant, easy way to capture guest feedback. You can share plaques with QR Codes or place them within the rooms, reception, and common locations within the hotel premises. Scanning the dynamic QR Code leads the guests to an instant online feedback form.

Dynamic QR codes are an easy and inexpensive way to improve operational processes and present your guests with an immersive experience. The result? Happy customers and improved business! Get your Dynamic QR codes generated by professionals.