September 08, 2022

QR code in the logistics and inventory management industry

Today, everyone may be aware of the QR codes; you can find these black and white boxes almost everywhere. These small boxes are just small in size but very large in use. They carry a lot of information, which one can access by scanning. Businesses today use QR codes for a variety of functions. These codes make the work of companies easy. Today, you can find the Quick Response codes everywhere, in grocery shops, malls, restaurants, events, and many other places. Earlier, the QR codes were only used in the automobile industry; but now, almost all industries use them to make their work easy. Here, we will see the use and importance of QR codes in the Logistics and Inventory management industry.


QR codes in the logistics industry

QR code is ideal for the logistics industry for controlling products throughout the various supply chain processes. Following are the uses of QR codes in the logistics industry:
  • To track goods when they are in transit. In logistics, tracking goods at various stages during transit is important. And, you don't need human intervention; all can be done through QR codes. You just need to place the QR codes on the packages; later, the operators can scan them at different transit stages.
  • Make the delivery process easier. The consumer is the intended recipient of any package shipment. Your delivery team leaves with the goods it needs to deliver to different areas to deliver parcels. But sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the delivery address of each customer. The delivery personnel can use QR codes to reach the customer's destination quickly and easily. The QR codes not only stores text information but can store diverse type of information, and it includes location as well. When the delivery personnel scans a Google map QR code, it redirects the person to the entered location. There is no need to spoil time in finding the customer's exact location. They will get the directions right on their phone.
  • Store product or shipment details Often you need to provide the shipment details on the packaging, but due to the limited space on the package, you may not always provide all the details. Various types of details can be included, such as the origin and destination of the parcel, product handling details, or product details. You cannot have all the details in the small space of the package. But you can add the QR code and include all details in that code.

QR Code in Inventory Management

QR code is largely used in inventory management. It makes the process easy and quick for the personnel involved in this task.

Following are the uses of QR codes in inventory management:

  • Real-time inventory management Businesses with the latest information can make the right decisions for the future. Companies may view their supply in depth using QR codes to manage their inventory. These details will help a company avoid production delays, packing materials, etc.
  • Dynamic information The Quick Response code helps companies to get access to all the information about each & every piece of inventory. The code connects to the website or database with all the necessary information for the equipment. For production & sales, scanning the code will register the object's location. Employees may follow shipments from the warehouse to a retail location or items as they move down the production line.
  • Increased speed & accuracy When you use the QR code, you only need to scan it; later, it will automatically register that product. One benefit of using QR codes rather than barcodes is that the QR code can read the code even if the code is in partially damaged condition. So, it will remove the chances of any type of mistake during the manual entry of the code.

You can use the QR code almost everywhere. It has made the work of businesses easy. Almost all industries use Quick Response codes, especially in logistics and inventory management. The code is beneficial for both sectors in streamlining their processes and completing tasks quickly and efficiently.