August 25, 2022

How Can QR Codes Make Public Places Efficient?

Masahiro Hara created technology in 1994 for Denso-Wave Corporation that streamlined the monitoring of vehicles and component scanning for the car industry. It was a QR code, and its value and efficiency in the modern world are undeniable. Today, QR codes have become an indispensable part of numerous industries. They are applicable in all fields, from guaranteeing worker safety in underground mines to entertaining customers in the skies.


General benefits of QR codes

  • They are small in size and will occupy minimum space
  • They are simple and easier to scan because nowadays, mobiles have an in-built QR code scanning application.
  • They are easy to track.
  • They have a significant storage capacity of around 4000 characters and 7000 digits.
  • They can work well even if the print is damaged. They can be accessed even if only 30% of the code is legible.
  • They are easy and convenient to use and give faster results.
  • Users can save the information provided through QR codes on their mobile phones.

QR code makes public places convenient


People rent audio equipment to take an audio guide when visiting museums. Long lineups to get a turn and occasionally unavailable equipment are the results. But this issue can be fixed with a straightforward logo-based QR code generator, and people can access the audio through a simple scan.

Aviation industry

QR Codes have the potential to increase efficiency across all industries, including aviation, airport administration, and airlines. Numerous uses for QR Codes are possible in the aviation sector.


The majority of malls have already integrated QR Codes and the necessary technologies. They employ it for several purposes because of its efficiency. They help shoppers locate stores and find their way around the mall. Additionally, they are useful for marketing and promotion. Given that the majority of smartphones have built-in QR scanning capability nowadays, this makes it simple for malls to engage and please customers with appropriate QR Code promotions.


An event QR code can direct users to a web page with all the pertinent and extensive information about a certain event. A QR Code on flyers or invitations can lead scanners to an image gallery, a little film describing the event, or a summary of any scheduled social events. The public will be directed to multimedia content about the event that would not be available on a simple piece of paper.

Railway station

Railway stations are one of the busiest and most crowded public places. Here, QR codes can solve the problem of waiting in queues and people's frustration. Commuters can use QR codes to buy tickets anytime and anywhere. People can log in through an application and specify their destination and source. Then, the application will generate QR code-based tickets, which can be scanned at the station. They will get the ticket on their mobile phones as a QR code. Moreover, Wifi QR codes can give instant internet access to people.

Cities and tours

Cities can use QR codes to inform people about roadblocks, construction work, and essential contact information. Thus, a large audience can benefit from the broadcast message from the officials. QR codes can also make tours easy and effective. Authorities can inform people about public events, festival celebrations, and city events. Moreover, it can also be utilized to give people access to city maps. People can also scan QR codes for educational insights about historical places, ecological parks, and national landmarks. In addition, a multi-URL QR code having a multi-language feature can direct users to relevant language pages.

Healthcare system

Healthcare organizations have humongous data to record and maintain. They have numerous patient details like their medical history, insurance policies, medication details, and much more. QR code can be a knight in shining armor for healthcare facilities. It can be embedded with a patient's medical data. Hence, staff can access all information just by scanning the QR code. QR codes can also be employed to keep track of drug details in the chemist department. It can be used to monitor expiry dates, manufacturing process, and drug contents.

QR codes are the future!

Smartphones have penetrated the majority of the world's population. Combined with COVID-19 effects, smartphones encourage people to go contactless. Moreover, it is predicted that by 2024, 80% of the transactions and checkout will be contactless for most companies. As a result, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience, speed, efficiency, and contactless result delivery.